I was in medjugorje and Ivan was having his vision on apparition hill, due to a heart condition I could not make it to the top, so I sat at the first landing with other people. The folks at the top started the rosary in croatian and we answered in english. When the vision took place it became very silent. The stars began to twinkle like Christmas lights and they got very big, I looked up at the sky and it looked like the sky was opening and I could see the gold light, and then I saw the figure of our lady with her hand extended. A women was sitting next to me and I told her to look, but she could not see anything. It lasted maybe one minute and then the sky closed and the stars began to twinkle again. The next morning we went into town, one of the stores had a basket of different pictures people had taken and on the top was that photo, the only one, so i got it. I have carried it with me until I gave it away to our friend who's wife was ill, some how she came back for little jett. As you can see before my son-in-law cleaned it up the smudges and finger prints all over it, believe me it has been thru many hands. But that is how she came about, funny thing, I know alot of people who have been in Medjugorje and have never seen that picture, but I saw her in the sky, praise God, my candy from heaven.

God bless,