This wonderful photo was in Turzovki, during pilgrimages of the faithful Bojanovica

When the pilgrims ARRIVALS place on the apparitions, created a sudden excitement. Over the high jelama, in a white cloud, people saw a Holy Virgin.

But all was not seen. Among them was a shortsighted man, with the camera, which asked people to show him the route to appear. On the direction of the government of his camera and made the footage. When he returned home, he forgets to these images. The film will develop only after a year. On the picture clearly appeared to be a figure of Our Lady. This is the picture that you are bringing more after play.

In many places the latest apparitions have taken a number of marvelous photos. And we have held several such recordings. Big companies, like Kodak, or a well-known experts, who were interrogated marvelous photos, confidently claim that they do not work! nor about the kind of photographic tricks.