Mother Mary and Son

This photo was taken in a small town outside of Budapesh, Hungary at the end of the eighties. Two men were working in a very small church, in a very small town called "CHRISTMAS", as it was explained to me. I had gone to visit Budapesh and the surrounding towns, including this one. Man of the small churches are elaborately decorated that would bring awe and wonderment to one's own eyes. It is clearly shown that many people here are very devout in their beliefs with a faith that is unfathomable.

The ceilings in the small church were painted with angels, saints, clouds and icons. Statues of Mary, Jesus, the Lamb of God, filled the front portion of the church. As these two men worked to touch up the painting as you can see in this photo, a painting frame in the background, a sudden heat permeated the building. They decided to leave the church for the day.

Before leaving they took a picture of the inside, near the altar. When the photo was developed, a miraculous photo appeared of Mother Mary and her Son, Jesus. The picture was investigated and approved as a miraculous photograph by a bishop in Hungary. After visiting this church, I was given a copy of the negative on a slide, with a copy of the declaration typed and signed by the bishop. It was a grand ending of a grand tour in the mid 90's.