Mary in Medjugoria

There is a story that goes with this photo. As told to me, It begins with a pilgrimage to Medjugoria by a man who was seeking a 'sign' by Mary regarding his faith. He had hoped to return home with a picture or manifestation of some sort as proof that he did have an experience while on this pilgramage. As one of the visionaries who live in the small town stood outside late one evening, one pointed out to the sky and said, "She is there!".

The man quickly snapped off a roll of film hoping to get the famous saint in one of the pictures. When he returned back to his room that evening, he realized too late that his film was exposed, or became exposed some how. The film was ruined. He threw his camera and exposed film on the floor. Sometime that night he had a dream urging him to develop his exposed film. He did so, and found that one picture did develop. And as you see here, is a copy of that picture. In Mary's hands is a long strand of prayer beads, lightly lightened by a reflection.

There is a black hole in midriff, where symbolically applies the words, "Blessed is the fruit of thy womb jesus". The top hole near Her chest symbolically represents the burning love and compassion that Mary has for her Son, Jesus. On the bottom right of the photo one can see a faint outline of a gondola. It looks like an entrance or exit gate. Acutally on closer examination, one can see a fainter outline of another gondola, which may allegedly indicate the four entrances into the kingdom of the Divine. At the bottom of Mary's dress there is a line that cuts across.

This black bumpy line indicates the strand of prayer beads that stretch from one hand to the other. There is also a garland made of petals sitting on the head of Mary. Garlands are indicative of having FAVORS or BLESSINGS bestowed upon an individual. I believe in this photo it indicates that Mary is given much beloved graces by the Divine Source for Her work in the world today.