A Marian Apparition

This is an apparent photograph that came to me under curious, if not particularly dramatic circumstances. I had been watching the hang gliders along the coast near San Francisco, but at dusk, when I returned to my motorcycle, it would not start. No big tragedy, but surprising, as it was always in perfect condition. The air was getting cold, and there was no one else left around to help. I had been feeling some loss recently--one of those periods when several life areas were 'in revision,' so this was another straw, that anyone who loves, trusts and depends on their motorcycle or other vehicle will understand.

I was walking across a field to a phone to find a tow company that handled motorcycles, when i saw a white square on the ground. I am in the habit of investigating finds that seem to call to me, having that way once come upon $8000 that my family needed, after experiencing a premonition a month before. So I picked up the paper, turned it over, and looked into the face of Mary.

It immediately struck me that it was Mary, though the image is out of focus and it's not objectively possible for me to tell if this is a picture of a young woman, of a painting, of a statue, or something else. It certainly looks lifelike to me, and I chose to guess that this is a living woman. I suppose an imaging specialist could analyze it and discover whether the subject was flat or three dimensional. In any case, I felt I'd been touched, warmed.

I have read much about Marian apparitions around the world throughout history and in present times, and some of the photos resemble this one. I am not particularly concerned whether or not it's materialization was miraculous--it happens to be printed on Kodak paper, so if it is indeed a miracle, it would make quite an advertisement! I am simply struck by the image itself and the feeling it inspires.