Glenda H. sent me an E-mail on Sunday, September 1, 2002, containing the following story surrounding this photograph: "We attended the Denver Marion Conference and I just thought I'd pass on to you that the image appears to be a photo of the crucifix that hung in the conference area.

The crucifix had no blood on it but on one of the days of the conference I looked up and spotted blood on the crucifix and realized it was bleeding. About the same time I noticed it others did too and they stopped the conference for awhile and tried to catch samples of the blood on white cloths for testing. After awhile the crucifix had a lot of blood on it and resembled this picture exactly.

We never did hear how the results of the testing of the blood turned out but they then allowed you to pass by and observe it as it was happening. During the conference a statue of Mary also wept. This was several years ago. I believe it was in 1993 or around then. For those present it was a wonderful surprise and shock. glenda"