Brent -Description of Photograph

"One day i was at my buddy's house, and his children were there with one of their school mates who was showing them a picture his grandmother had taken. At first glance I knew it was a picture of Christ Jesus, I then listened to the young man's story. his elderly catholic grandma was taking pictures of her ranch in Mexico before she sold the property.

There wasn't anybody else around, when she snapped one of the photos there was a brilliant flash of light and she didn't know what it was, until she had the film developed. Right there she saw a man in 2 of the pictures, and was so scared that she called the police because she thought there was a trespasser on her property.

The police came out and looked around and didn't see anyone and it was then that she realized the man in the pictures was the lord himself. And in the photos she could see he was carrying a bible in his left hand and a rosary in his right hand. She then copied the 2 pictures and sent them to her family including her 13 year old grandson. That's when i saw them, so I asked him if I could borrow the picture to copy, and now you have it too. May our lord grant you all the assurance you need in these troubled times. He will be back for us very soon i know.... sincerely, Brent "

According to Brent (1/30/02),the photo is a scanned image of a scanned image, which may explain the lack of clarity. He said he will try to track down the originals, which will be posted if found.

Brent -