This image is the inversion of a photocopy, whose donor towards 1983 claimed that in Colombia a nun encouraged a friend to take the photograph, since she could see the Lord, although he could only see an empty chair.

This photocopy was a gift from Miguel Felix around 1982 or 1983. A school mate (ITAM) had the picture with her and allowed him to photocopy it. The anecdote (story) she told was that in Colombia a photographer arrived to visit a religious friend; when she came out to receive him, she urged him to go to the chapel where she was praying at the moment she was notified of his visit, and insisted him "There's the Lord, take his picture!" pointing out where he could only see but a chair. Any way he pleased her and shot his camera. In fact, the Lord was there, since the image emerged as the film was developed.

Context. By the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties, four different groups of rebels had Colombia in a convulsion at the same time: Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), Movimiento 19 de Abril (M-19), Ejército Popular de Liberación (EPL) and Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN).

And with the mix-up of interests represented by each of this groups, one of the greatest flagellations overcame this nation: the mobs of drug dealers, being among the worst and unmerciful fighters; the Cali and the Medellin mobsters, besides making war or infiltrating the government, confronted themselves in order to gain and dominate the drug market.

Mea culpa. There are traces in forehead, cheek, beard and hair of the picture that the image has a pencil finishing touch and an attempt of erasing it, in order to illustrate a 1987 calendar.