[text of e-mail message sent to me on October 11th 2016]


I stumbled across your site a while back http://jesusphotos.altervista.org/Jesus_in_the_clouds.htm but never got around to share my photo with you. My mother (1930-1996) was flying from South Korea back to Hong Kong on Feb 10, 1990 and saw some BEAUTIFUL clouds outside the window, she quickly grabbed her camera and took a photo of it. After returning back to Hong Kong, she went to have the roll of film developed and the photo turn out to be VERY BLACK and with some color on the top edge. She couldn't make of it at first and thinking something was wrong with the camera at the time. As she looked closer (right side up), suddenly it became very apparent that it was a photo of Jesus!

My mother was an unknown preacher in a small church for many years in Hong Kong and there was no doubt in her mind that that image was the Lord appearing in the cloud. I still have the original dated photo with her handwriting on the back to this day.

May you be blessed and trust that this will somehow encourage someone out there who is struggling against the Devil and sin. Lord, please come quickly!