Hi I cant believe I have found this sight with these pics that are almost identical to mine and each other. If this experience I’m about to share with you hadn’t happened I would never believe that this sight is true. My mother was on her death bed in the summer of ’75, she had fought a brave fight against cancer.

My mothers friend came to visit her at our house in Toronto Canada with her daughter. I was playing around in our backyard when I saw this girl (8-9yrs old) she was walking around with our “Browning: camera (you had to look down into to take a pic) I said hello and asked her what she was doing. The little girl said hi and that she was playing around with the camera. I didn’t know the girl or her mother. Approximately two weeks later my mother called me over to her on the livingroom couch and handed a pic to me and asked me what I saw, I told her I could see an Angel and handed it back to her she said she believes it is an Angel (she had such a relief look to her) she said my dad had the film developed after the little girl had used up the film. Mom passed away approximately afew weeks later at the hospital.

Years went by and my mothers mother sat down with me (I was misbehaving) I told nana about this pic mom had showed me and that I didn’t think it actually happened. Nana left the room came back with this envelope took this pic out, I examined it from corner to corner this was the pic and it brought things back to me. Nana wrote my name on the envelope and said that I was to get it once she passed. Five years later nana passed and I received this pic. I have shown it to people some couldn’t see the Angel most did. I told this neighbour of mine about this pic as her mother was dying of cancer, I asked her to show her mother (she went to church every Sunday) when this pic was given back to me the women said her mother was at ease with her situation now. I thought this was the only pic on this planet and when I stumbled onto this site I was floored still am.

I would not believe any of these pics to be true but I have noticed none of them are exactly the same, very close but slightly off. I had to share this storey with who ever would be interested in reading it. I must say we were never church goers (went 3-4 times) but my mother was a very loving and caring women and I had always thought of her as an Angel. RIP Mom miss you xo