I was a missionary in Northern California between 1988-91 and during one of my visits to an old woman I was given this photograph. She left it to me because we'd spoken about ghosts and she had no one to pass the photo on to. I've had it in my photo album for years now.

I honestly don't know if this guy is the son of this old woman, or if she took the photo or someone else in her family took it. I will go look through my journals (if I can find them - I really hope I can) and see if I can find out any more details.

I know you don't know me at all, and may not believe me, but I just couldn't let this chance to share the truth behind this intriguing photo pass by. If you'd like, I'll be happy to email you any info I can find out from my old journals.

I attached a scan of the photo I have...

Khanada Taylor
February 3, 2006