"My name is Christopher and I live in Edgewood, NM and the following is the true story and originals of the Christ or Angel Apparition pictures you have on your website. This picture was given to me by my mother at my grandmother's funeral. She took this picture from the front yard of her house in Portsmouth, Ohio. I have edited this picture to show you some things such as the tree and leaves on the lower left side proving that it was not taken from inside an airplane. This picture was sent to Ripley's Believe It Or Not by my grandmother before she died, and was played on an episode.

This picture has been proven to be authentic and an original by the Ripley's Company as well as other places my mother took it to and the professionals say this could not be faked and is not copied. Copies however, were made by my grandmother and given to friends, family, and members of her church. My mother has the original camera it was taken with as well as the bible that it sat in for many years - that had the imprint on the pages. She also worked at Super-X Drug Stores for 10 or 20 years as manager, and she was the secretary of her church (Swauger Valley Free Will Baptist Church). This picture matches the picture sent in by Dorothy LaVerne and the last name sticks in my memory from the funeral. My grandmother had a friend with this last name and she was at the funeral and I met her.

My grandmother's name was Patricia Ann Brisker and my mother's name is Judy Brisker. This picture was the only thing I got from my grandmother and I cherish it and it lays inside my bible; the same place she had it in hers. I originally asked my mother for the bible, but she said no, so I asked her if I could at least have the famous picture of Christ or an Angel, and she let me take it. I was 19 at her funeral, and I could remember my grandmother showing me this and talking about it as I was growing up with my two sisters. I was about 5 years old the first time and I believed it was Christ and it made me believe in God more - that was in 1975. My whole family has known about this since it was taken and passed it on through the years. I, to this day, show it to my close friends, and share it with my children.

This picture was taken around the times of 1955-1965, although I don't know the actual year. So what kind of airplane could this have been? My grandmother told me the story and I have seen the place and tree it was taken at. On the back of this picture is my grandmother's handwriting and the scriptures (if looked up have something to do about this picture one way or another). Please feel free to look them up for yourself and you will see it fits perfectly.

There are many creases on it, and the picture Dorothy sent in has some of the same, causing me to believe that she has gotten one of my grandmother's copies. I believe in my heart that I have the original, and count this as a blessing that its being shared, because that's what my grandmother would have wanted, and had tried to do during her lifetime. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL AND COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. I ONLY WISH THIS MAKES YOU A BELIEVER AS IT DID ME!!!"