This photograph was submitted to us by Jessica Myers at The photo was taken in August 1973. Thanks to Jessica Myers who has also related a family tradition regarding this photograph which is so typical of stories associated with this photo.

According to Jessica Myers,
"A family who went to my grandparents church had a young daughter who was about 10 years old or so was dying of cancer. The little girl had a terible fear of dying but knew soon she would. Her parents knew that the end was near and they were talking to her about death and she had told them that she no longer feared death because when she was praying. Jesus had told her that he would meet her when she died so that she wouldnt be alone, well that got everyone kind of freaked out and of course how would we ever really know if that was true or not.

Several weeks later she died and at the day of the funeral a friend of my grandfathers took a picture of the clouds at the burial sight that day. It was a very dreary day, the sun wasn't shining and it was rainy. A few days later when the photos were the clouds there appears to be at the top right corner a person with a robe on a bare foot person with their arms stretched wide open as if they were hugging someone."