These photos were submitted by Carlos Ignacio Amaya Ossa of

His e-mail said, " Dave, my name is Carlos Amaya, from Bucaramanga, Colombia (South America). Escuse me for my rusty english. One night while I was browsing the web I found your site and started looking at the pictures. I got surprised when I found a picture that seemed very familiar to me, the one you called "Angel Ghost", and I remembered that a friend of mine showed me a picture with an image very similar, I asked her to show me the picture again and I found out that the "Angel" seems to be the same, but the circunstances and the place and the time are different.

The picture I am sending you is a scanned image from a copy of the original negative, and the story os this: in a plane traveling from Miami to Bogota (Colombia) in the night, there was an emergency and one of the engines went off. The captain of the plane told the pasangers about the problem and tried to calm them down.

One of the passanger told everyone to start praying, so they did. After a little while one of the passangers took a look outside the window and saw the image of Jesus (they said) coming out of the clouds, and the people who had cameras tryed to take pictures at that image. Few minutes later the engine started and the image dissapeared. Only one picture captured the image (the one I am sending you). Please, write me back and tell me what you think about this pic..."