My name is Renee the webmaster of "Christian Links for Kids and Teens".. I work at Valley Imaging and one of our patients came in and was giving me her insurance card! and I noticed this picture in it and was not sure what it was a picture of. So, of course I asked her! Here is her story as she told me on Oct. 26, 1999.

Her name is Donna and she lives here in town. About 50+ years ago she was in Sidell, Ill (not sure if that is correct), they were having a really bad storm. After the storm her friends mother was looking at the sky with Donna and her friend. Her friends mother took some pictures of the stormy sky. After she went to have the film developed she was amazed by what she saw. Donna loved the picture so much that her friends mother gave it to her. She has had it in her wallet all these years. She forgot it was there until I noticed it and asked her what it was. Of course, I thought that it was a wonderful picture and asked if I could take it home and scan it in our computer and then send it back to her and of course she said yes!

UPDATE TO PICTURE: I also would like to say I have this picture and it is on Kodak film. I do believe this is a real picture. But, I have been surfing the net lately and came across this website please visit it and let me know what you think about this picture and that website. I have emailed the webmaster of that site and this is what he said "The picture was taken on the west coast some time ago. My pastor has the original picture. T. L. Osborn in his book "The gospel according to T. L. and Daisy Osborn" has a very similar picture. His picture I estimate was in the mid to late 60's. His was taken during an outdoor evangelistic crusade - ten of thousands of people saw the image and the picture was taken. It is very very similar to the one we have on the sight, but they are different pictures taken on different continents and in different decades."