An Apparition In The Night Sky...

It was the dead of night in the pitch black sky over the North Pole. The pilot, flying a routine high altitude reconnaissance mission, was accustomed to this monotonous part of the journey and his mind wandered. The mundane miles whizzed by as his thoughts drifted, played, and planed his next shoot. He was a photography buff, and enjoyed capturing local nature scenes on film. He was roused from his musings by a gentle yet insistent voice, "Get your camera." He instinctively started to reach for his personal camera which never left his side, when he realized he was flying alone in the plane. Forgetting the camera, he turned in amazement and looked for the source of the voice. There was of course, no one there.

"Get your camera." he heard again. Bewildered and in awe, questioning his own senses and sanity, he retrieved his camera and made it ready... to what? Take a picture of the moonless black night sky?

Then it happened, from above the line of sight allowed by the cockpit window, the apparition descended and took form before him. He stared, not believing his own eyes. First the voice, now this. In utter amazement he watched as the blinding cloud of light began to take on a form. I've crashed and died, he thought... things like this don't happen in real life. Maybe I've fallen asleep and I'm dreaming.

"Get you camera" he heard again. Bewildered, and in awe, he pointed the camera out the cockpit window. Not focusing, not setting distance, not even being able to relate to his years of training in photography, or the simple mechanics of taking a picture, he had just enough time to snap off one quick picture... and it was gone.

This is what the pilot caught on film (the facial features are not visible over the web due to file compression and a low resolution.)