The accompanying photograph has a unique story attached to it.

In mid-1984, an Australian woman was flying across the Tasman Sea to stay with friends in Auckland when the plane ran into a severe electrical storm.

The passengers on board became extremely fearful for their safety and so the tourist lady, along with many others on the plane, began to pray. The peace which settled on them was so remarkable that they were able to encourage other passengers by their faith in God.

In order to remember the significance of the occasion our tourist decided to take a photo of the turbulent storm out of the window of the plane. She saw only the clouds intermittently lit by flashes of lightning.

The flight continued without further event and in due course the completed film was sent for development in Auckland.

A few days later she received a phone call at her hosts home requesting that she collect her photos and to discuss the content of one in particular. With no clue as to what the film contained she made her way to the shop where the Manager, with genuine awe, asked where she had taken the picture which is featured here.

The woman's amazement was equal to that of the photography Manager's, but it soon turned to excitement as the wonder of her experience began to dawn on her.

The results of her experience has been far-reaching. It began with the personal conversion of the photography Manager and his family and continued in waves through the families, friends and churches in which each was involved.

The effect on the visitor's church in Sydney was as marked as that in other places, and from there copies of the original negative were distributed widely throughout Australia and New Zealand during late 1980s.