Bruce Archers Description of Photograph

This is what my mother told me concerning the photograph: One of my mom's best friends and sister in Christ named Judy McLaughlin's mother knew these people in Texas, who were going to, or coming from a funeral, and they looked up in the sky and saw this incredible sight of Jesus made up of a cloud. One of them had a camera with her, and took this picture. "I got the picture from Judy in the mid-1960's, and had a copy made." I personally saw the picture when for the first time in about 1970.

I didn't know what to think of it. It didn't register somehow because I couldn't explain it. Though I had accepted Jesus Christ as my savior when I was quite small, I was going through a period of personal problems including doubt and sinful rebellion. Shortly after I turned 20 years old, October 1973, I received a miraculous calling from God and Jesus to spread the gospel. I turned and began following Christ in a new way. About two years after that I had a thing happen where I didn't listen carefully enough to the Lord and ended up almost getting in a lot of trouble trying to get some money back that someone had stolen from me.

When I was faced with the stupidity of what I had done, I felt extremely guilty and bad in every way. I was praying and crying and asking (begging) the Lord Jesus "Could you ever forgive me?". Well, I looked up in the sky through a large picture window in our dining room and I watched the clouds come together from the surrounding clouds to form the perfect image of Jesus. He was looking directly at me. He had His arms spread out just as in the photograph on my web site. His words came into my mind and I heard Him say "Why do you beg me to forgive you? What do you think I died on the cross for?

When you beg me to forgive you, you glorify the devil. When you ask and believe, you glorify me. Ask therefore and believe and you shall receive". While I was looking at Him in awe and amazement, the clouds went back and were just clouds again. I called my mom and said "Mom, you'll never guess who I just saw". Shortly after that I had her dig through her things and locate the picture that she had shown me years before and had copies made.

My wife still has one of the photograph copies in her bible and later, I made a scanned image so that I could post it on the internet. I know from my experience and the people involved with this picture, that it is real. It was no hallucination when I saw Jesus in the clouds, it was a sign in the heavens that the Bible talks about. I hope this will help you in some way.

Love in Jesus and our wonderful Heavenly Father, Bruce Archer