Photos of Jesus and the Virgin Mary

In this website you will find many photographs depicting Jesus and the Virgin Mary. They were collected on the web and they're allegedly authentic, it is a miraculous phenomenon occurring worldwide. Every photograph is accompanied by a brief description and the link to the source site where it was found. Click on photographs to bring up a larger version.

Scripture Relating to Jesus or God in the clouds (from King James Bible)

Thoughts about Jesus in the clouds-from another website

Link to many Mary photos taken in Zeitun Egypt between 1968 and 1970

Link to an Awesome site about Mary Apparitions in Egypt

Photocomposition of 14 miraculous photos of Jesus

Links to Miraculous Rose Petal Photos
Rose Petals from Medjugorje
Carmelo Cortez, Philipines
Rose petals from Lipa Phillipines
Rose petals from Bolivia
Rose petals from Quezon City Phillipines (dead link)
Rose Petals associated with Medjugorje trip

Links to "Miracle of the Sun" Photos
Miracle of the Sun Photo? - near Catania, Sicily - Italy: February 1, 1988
Miracle of the Sun Photos? - Fatima, October 13, 1917

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